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The Basics Of Sculpting Stone: The Tools

I love the art in everything. I love the way my shop is built, each wood post, each wood rafter. I love how a concrete polishing company was able to make my floor easy to clean up after I sculpt my wood and stone art.

But enough about my shop. Today I will show you the tools to sculpting stone.

The Hammer and Chisels.

For chisels, you have the tooth, point, flat, and mini chisels. For hammers, you have the basic stone carving. These will always be your most-used tools. Anything else is just an accessory, likely not even needed for your project.

The Stone

Sculptors tend to stick with just a few types of stone for their art: Alabaster and Soapstone.

Alabaster tends to be the preferred stone for beginners as it is easier to chisel and cut. It comes in opaque and translucent white. 

Soapstone tends to be a darker stone. The green Soapstone offers an easier cut, which makes it another preferred stone to beginners.

Just as I said, the hammer and chisel are your only tools needed! Don’t think you need other accessories to succeed with your art. Just remember it’s all in the practice.

I want to thank my friend Josh over in Spokane, WA for sponsoring this post. He owns a mobile car detailing shop. So if you’re in his area, check him out!

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