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The Zen of Crafting

As I sit here in my petitely organized shop. It’s about 30ft long and 20ft wide. The ground is smooth finished concrete. My wood crafts line the shelves on the west sidewall. My stone sculptures and pottery on the east.

This shop is my place of zen. As I sculpt, widdle, and sand, I’m always in the moment. Nothing else matters. And those of you reading this, I’m sure you can relate.

What crafting does for my soul, is the same as a painter and the stroke of her brush, a writer and the composition of his pen, and even a bodybuilder sculpting his muscles.

I’ve learned over the years that art does not discriminate. Everyone has their own form of art, their own way of being creative. I believe it’s whatever causes you to be in the moment when your mind is free of the stresses of the day.

Thank you for reading my first post. I shall continually give you my insight over the years as well as some photos of great wood and stone art.

This post is sponsored by my wonderful friends who do septic design in Tacoma, out of Washington State.

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